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(English) 15 Most Sociable And Friendly Cities In The World

[:en]If you are a bit more passionate about visiting friendly cities in the world to meet new people from different cultures, here is the list of most sociable and friendly places.

As travelers, we love to meet local people wherever we go. There are cities where you can meet like-minded people easily because of their warm culture.

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1) Victoria, Canada

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Victoria, located on Canada’s Pacific coast, is mostly known for its beaches. Queen Victoria’s name was given to the city. As an attraction point for tourists, Victoria’s people are used to welcome new people. The relaxed and friendly manners of the local people make the city easy to meet new people.

2) Reykjavík, Iceland


Reykjavík stands on the lands of the first settlement in Iceland, which is estimated to be established in AD 875. The city is hosting a large number of visitors especially for being clean and green. But in addition to these entire amazing features, Reykjavík is known for being one of the safest and friendliest cities in the world because the locals are very welcoming.

3) Cape Town, South Africa

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Nine out of ten Capetonians think that they live in a beautiful city, with Table Mountain as one of the most magnificent urban backdrops in the world. Here you can meet people for urban and outdoor activities from mountain hiking to clubbing. And no worries, you will have opportunities for a calmer choice such as chilling on a beach.

4) Dublin, Ireland

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Are you a bookworm? So, try Dublin to meet with like-minded people. Ireland’s capital is known for its literary attractions celebrating James Joyce and other Irish writers. You can join conversation clubs on a subject you are interested in. Not only readers but also drinkers will love this city, as it is the home of the famous Guinness Brewery. For solo travelers, there are lots of pubs to meet both locals and other travelers.

5) Istanbul, Turkey

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Turkey is a multicultural country, and so is Istanbul, known to be the cultural capital. As a result of being a cosmopolitan city, Istanbul provides something for everyone in terms of food, drink, and nightlife. People of Istanbul like to know travelers’ stories and to tell theirs. You will make new friends in this charming city.

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6) Barcelona, Spain

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Amazing buildings and moving city life… Walking down the streets is enough to meet new people in Barcelona. And, the city offers more than you wish for: the local cultural events, international music festival, crazy nightlife, and lazy moments on the beach.

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7) Taipei, Taiwan

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Let’s move to a non-European culture: Taipei is one of the friendliest cities in the world. With the 2.5 million local people, Taipei reflects many Chinese cultural influences. Different cultures from Japan to America mingle with each other in this lovely land because people living in this city love to meet travelers and expats.

8) Chaing Mai, Thailand


Thailand and especially Chiang Mai was on our list of best digital nomad friendly places. Not only digital nomads but also travelers, tourists, expats, students… everybody loves Chiang Mai. In a few days, you will start saying hi to the locals around. It is easy to meet new people here while you are enjoying street food at a communal table. Thailand’s marketing slogan, “land of smiles” is a big sign of the friendliness level of the country.

9) Berlin, Germany

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The neighborhood is not dead in Berlin and this makes the city a safer place and one of the friendly cities in the world. People living in this beautiful city are energetic and full of life. You will not have a chance to get bored on your own. To meet with like-minded travelers and locals, just go out and you will find new friends from all over the world!

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10) Wailea, Hawaii

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Wailea is known as home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Is this enough to count the city in our friendly cities? We give a big nice YES. Despite being just another tourism destinations, Wailea has a special atmosphere with the lovely relationship between locals and the visitors.

11) Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is amazing with its green areas, nature parks and moving city life. As one of the friendly cities in the world, it is safe thanks to the helpful and joyful residents of Ljubljana. It is also a family-friendly city with the events and activities for children on the streets, also there is a yearly-organized mini Summer, which offers International festival for children and many different fun parks for the entire family.

12) Budapest, Hungary

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People living in Budapest are eager to meet travelers and show them their charming city with an impressive historical and cultural history… Music is an important part of this lovely city. You will hear various sounds everywhere you go. In this warm atmosphere, there comes out one of the friendly cities in the world.

13) Gothenburg, Sweden

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Gothenburg is one of the most sociable and friendly places to visit. Home of the car company Volvo, Gothenburg is also known for the annual Gothenburg Film Festival. According to Gothenburg people socializing is highly valuable and this is why they are welcoming for the travelers and expats.

14) Thimphu, Bhutan

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Another lovely place in our list of most sociable and friendly cities in the world is Thimpu. Bhutan is known for the importance it pays to the happiness level of the people. And in the report published in 2016, an impressive 43.4 percent of Bhutanese were “extensively” or “deeply” happy—a mood that’s on full display in the capital of Thimphu.

15) London, UK

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London is a unique city with its history and architecture along with the lifestyle. Londoners seem to adopt the old saying: “If you are tired of London, you’re tired of life.” It is a capital offering everything including food, drinking, culture, sports, or fun.

Share your own experience and opinions. Which is your favorite friendly city across the world?

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