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(English) 5 Critical Tips to Follow When You Meet New People


When was the last tIme you had tIme to meet new people?

With the impact of smartphones and social apps on our daily lives, more and more people are socializing via online platforms. In our fast-paced world, where we have fast vehicles, fast food, fast-moving relationships, and so on, we just keep meeting new people. This is actually great because every new person in our life brings their own perspective along with them. This makes our lives richer.

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So, what should we do when we meet a person for the first time? Here are 5 tips to follow;

Keep your eyes open for the gestures

The gestures and the body language will always give you the first impression of the other person’s personality and their behavior towards you. If a person is making direct eye contact with you, it means that they are interested in what you are saying.

Likewise, you can also show your enthusiasm to the person in front of you with your gestures. You can use your hands as a sign of your intimacy or formality. You might even want to learn more about gestures and body language so that you can benefit from reading and using body language.

Outfits will tell you a lot

Each occasion happens to have its own dress code. Depending on the situation, you can have many ideas about the person you meet just by observing the outfit. If it is a formal meeting, dressing smart is important. It shows how much respect you have for the other person or how important this meeting is for you.

Words will always retain their power

The first impression is always important. However; the first impression doesn’t consist of only an outfit. How you speak to others and how you communicate with them also matters. If you want to get to know the other person well or if you want to impress them, pay attention to what you are telling. Words have a lot more power than how you look or act. Always think twice before you say something so that you will not regret it later.

Choose the venue wisely when you meet new people

If you are going to meet a person for the first time, you have to choose a place where you will both feel comfortable and safe. If it is a formal occasion, you can choose a quiet place where you can easily hear each other. Also, make sure you are not going to be disturbed by others. If it is a more casual meeting, choosing a place where you can have some visual and audial aids will help you if there are odd moments of silence. It also will ease the tension for both.

Boundaries matter

There are some boundaries that you should not be crossing. You should be careful not to make the other person uncomfortable by asking personal questions or some details. They might not like to share everything with you in your first meeting. On the other hand, if you are asked such personal questions, you can simply avoid them, by changing the topic to general interests. Keep in mind that feeling comfortable is the key to your relationship’s future with the new person you meet.

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