Shetland Islands, Scotland

(English) Lonely Planet’s 10 Best Destinations in Europe

[:en]Lonely Planet is a worldwide travel guru. Lonely Planet’s travel experts have chosen 10 best destinations in Europe in 2019.

These 10 destinations are covering alternative experiences from forests to big cities. Learn more about these places before you start planning your next trip.

10- Istria, Croatia

Istria Croatia

Istria, one of the most popular destinations in northern Croatia offers a beautiful landscape along the coast and inland. The peninsula is attractive with the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, the Arena in Pula.

Brijuni Islands will be a perfect choice for a daily trip. Uniting the historical sightseeing opportunities and amazing beaches, Istria is home to fun and excitement.

9- Vevey, Switzerland

Lonely Planet’s 10 Best Destinations in Europe

Known as “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”, Vevey will be hosting the visitors of Fête des Vignerons in July 2019. This is a three-week wine festival held in every 20 years since the 18th century.

This place is also known for being the final home of comedy legend Charlie Chaplin and the headquarters of food giant, Nestle. Not only these landmarks but also a trip through Lake Geneva is a unique thing to do in Vevey. Long story short, you will easily find something attractive in this town.

8- Liechtenstein


You will feel like in a fairytale when you visit Liechtenstein. Located between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is mostly known for its mountain ranges and amazing castles. Schloss Vaduz, Malbun, Vaduz and Fürstensteig are among the spots to see in this small, but attractive country. If you are into history and nature, you should add Liechtenstein in your list.

7- Lyon, France

Lyon, France

Lyon is a big city with natural and historical beauties. Both sightseeing and nightlife are available in this French city. You will have a chance to enjoy the French gastronomy and culture during your travel.

So, what to see in Lyon: Museé des Confluences, Museé des Beaux-Arts, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviéere, Cathédrale St-Jean-Baptiste, Musées Gadagne, Place des Terreaux, Opéera de Lyon. Make sure that you have seen these places in Lyon.

6- Shetland Islands, Scotland

Shetland Islands, Scotland

If you want to see a place which looks like to the grounds you build your civilization on computer games, Shetland waits for you. The water, the animals, the green cover of the land are there to enjoy. Also, you will love the ponies in this place in addition to clear blue seas and beautiful beaches. One more reason to visit Shetland Island is its history. There are the remains of so many croft houses that will make you feel like you are in a movie.

5- Bari, Italy

Bari, Italy

Think of a city built on the coastal rocks! With the renovated opera house and beautiful architecture, Bari is a magnet for those who love to see how history lives today. San Nicolo Basilica, Cathedral of San Sabino, Piazza Mercantile, Collonna della Guistizia are among the places you should visit while in Bari.

4- Bosnia-Herzegovina


The past meets the present in Sarajevo. Baščaršija, the oldest Ottoman part of the city is still among the busiest places and is home to small shops, restaurants and cafes. The war at the beginning of the 90s still has marks on the city. You will see so-called Sarajevo Roses around; these red paints are where people died. Besides, you will realize the variety of the population throughout the history when you see how close the Orthodox and Catholic churches, synagogues and mosques to each other. And it is close to Mostar, which is totally magnificent.

3- The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

Iceland is like nowhere else in the world. One of the best places to enjoy the unique experience in this country is the Arctic Coast Way. Covering 900 km along the north coast of Iceland, the Arctic Coast Way offers you fishing villages, midnight sun and northern lights along with many outdoor activities.

2- Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

As one of the best destinations in Europe, Madrid is a huge city and offers you everything from a long history to endless nightlife. Start with the Royal Palace of Madrid, which has stunning frescoes and luxurious décor! Spend some time in beautiful Sabatini Gardens! Puerta del Sol is the most popular square in Madrid. Your way will end up there in any case. Make sure that you have added Plaza Mayor, The Egyptian Temple of Debod, Almudena Cathedral in your list in this amazing city.

1- The High Tatras, Slovakia

The High Tatras Slovakia

The star of the best destinations in Europe! The High Tatras are inviting you to the unforgettable hiking experience. The High Tatras are beautiful with the wild flowers around the hiking route and the mountain lakes. You can climb up to Slovakia’s highest peak, 2655m-high Gerlach and enjoy the boat trip on the glacial lake of Štrbské Pleso. Within the pure nature, you will never find a moment to get bored.

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